Boot Camp

A fitness boot camp is a type of group physical training program conducted by gyms, personal trainers, and former military personnel.  These programs are designed to build strength and fitness through a variety of intense group intervals over a 1-hour period of time.  Reference here.

You need to understand me.  I am the shyest of shy person to be found anywhere.  When all my friends were up and partying and making friends – where was I?  At home, on my own, reading a book or watching TV.

It wasn’t that I didn’t want to make friends – it was that I was so scared of embarrassing myself that I’d rather not risk it.  So, I stayed at home.  And my parents were quite happy about that, because it was one less child to worry about being out and about (my brother was quite the party animal).

But, that fear of embarrassing myself haunts me.

So, what do I go and do?

Well, I have signed up for boot camp.  It’s another foot forward in my walk to achieving my goals.

Now, I have always had four prayers:

  1. That God would protect and nurture my marriage;
  2. That God would aid our financial situation and provide for us according to His glorious riches in Christ Jesus;
  3. That God would be with and guide our little girl that she will know that even though she is an only child, God is always with her and He will always love her and be with her;
  4. That God will help me to eat healthily, lose weight and exercise.

It would seem that out of my four goals, my diet and exercise is the one I have the most control over, but feel the most anxious about (thereby paralysing me and leaving me to think I have no control).  So, I have signed up for boot camp and I start on 13th October.  Yes, I am nervous.  I am so scared of making a fool of myself; of not being able to do the exercise, of – shock horror – coming last.  But, I know I need to do this.  I’ve been uhm-ing and ah-ing about my weight and fitness for far too long.  Isn’t it ironic that I used to be the skinny kid – the skinniest in my class, in wine club, etc.  Now, I am, er, no longer that skinny kid.  Isn’t that sad?  To go from healthy eating to overeating simply because I didn’t like the attention I got for being skinny?

I know that I will never lose this weight until I make peace with that little girl who was naturally skinny – I had never been on a diet IN MY LIFE until now, and I had never, ever exercised to lose weight.  In fact, I’d rather die than have anyone see me exercise (I was the kid hiding in the locker room, reading, so as to not do any exercise at all).

So, this is my one foot forward in my attempt to regain what I have lost.