Our choices!

Including what we choose to occupy mental real estate in our minds – what your thoughts.

Whether we realize it or not, we are making hundreds (maybe even thousands) of small choices every day. Of course, some choices are bigger than others. One day we may be choosing between two different companies that are offering a job. Another day we may be deciding between drinking coffee or green tea. While not…

via It Is Our Choices That Show What We Truly Are, Far More Than Our Abilities – J. K. Rowling — The Seeds 4 Life

Thinking Positive Thoughts…


“Imagination is more important than knowledge.  For while knowledge defines all we currently know and understand, imagination points to all we might yet discover and create.  Imagination is everything.  It is the preview of life’s coming attractions. ” – Albert Einstein (emphasis mine)

As the old saying goes, “Seeing is believing”.  Except seeing – or thinking positive thoughts – in one’s mind is what creates the belief.  Or, at least, this is what I am referring to when it comes to weight loss, eating healthy, running 21 km, or pretty much anything else we want to achieve.

I don’t think enough positive thoughts.  I fear, I panic and dwell on horrid “what if” scenarios (yes, I am a what-iffer)… and then I allow myself to stew in those negative thoughts and negative emotions.  It’s almost like a drug, a high that sometimes I just can’t help myself.

Then today, I come across this:

By practicing positive visualizations of the future.  Drown out the ugly projections.  Look at them and dismiss them, again and again.  Deny them the air they need to live.  It may take months.  It may take years.  But thoughts, like animals, fight for prominence within your conscious mind.  Support the positive conceptions.  Do not nurture the negative with attention.  https://walkeredwards.com/2017/05/03/why-positive-thinking-matters/

I need to stop nurturing the negative.  I have made huge strides in this journey of mine, but I still have this tendency…  So, whether it is constantly working on positive thinking – i.e. viewing any situation I find myself in with a positive slant, or actually sitting down and visualising how I react to those situations, I need to be more committed to walking towards mental health and away from anxiety, stress and eating everything in sight.

The big problem for me is time:  I’m always run off my feet, so to find the time (and the privacy) to sit down for 10 minutes to visualize something, seems – well – rather inconvenient.  BUT – what about when I’m in bed, trying to get my body to sleep?  Or when I need a 10 minute break from my computer at work?  Or in my lunch break?

There is always a way…  And I can use visualization to visual that way… 🙂

There are a number of things I need to visualize:

  1. Not eating when not hungry – I can picture myself as feeling full and not eating anything;
  2. Eating healthy foods – I can picture myself as being hungry, but rather reaching for an apple or something healthy than for a chocolate or chips;
  3. Only eating when hungry – picture myself as only eating when I am truly hungry;
  4. Being able to remain calm and in control when hungry – my meal may be delayed, or I am too busy to eat, or any other situation may arise, but I can remain calm and in control and not give into fear and panic when hungry;
  5. Eating out with my husband in a calm and enjoyable manner – to enjoy a meal out with my husband;
  6. Eating out with friends in a calm and enjoyable manner – to enjoy a meal out with my friends;
  7. Having a healthy relationship with food…