I’m so hungry… and I’m still not losing weight!

I could quite literally put a little butter, some salt, on my desk at work AND EAT IT.

That’s what I have never understood about trying to lose weight – what on earth am I supposed to do when I’ve had breakfast, I’ve had a snack (all healthy, both protein) and I’m still hungry I could gnaw my wrists and waiting for lunch time just isn’t an option.

What do you do?

If I eat – which will be another meal in addition to breakfast and lunch – I’m not losing any weight.  I would then have three meals, including lunch, and there is yet dinner to come.  And yet, I am so hungry that I almost have no choice but to have something to eat.  Well, let me just say, the proverbial horse looks really good right about now.  Just add a touch of salt, a little butter, mix in some garlic…  Okay, I’m getting carried away here!

So, firstly, my question is: how do I sate my hunger?  I am eating enough breakfast – so how do I make it last until lunchtime?  What is it that I need to do to eat just enough to see me through to the next meal time without feeling like I’m going of my rockers because I  am so hungry?

And secondly, is this normal?  I’ve had my thyroid tested and etc, etc, etc and it is all perfectly normal.

And thirdly, once I’ve had my breakfast, how do I stop thinking about food long enough to get me through to lunchtime?  And to lose weight?  How do I lose my mind in something else so that food stops being this obsession causing me to gain more and more weight?


Guess the character trait that I am working on now is not only tenacity but also wisdomwisdom in knowing what to eat, when to eat and how much to eat.

Today has been a bad day in terms of hunger and getting completely panicky in my need for food.

The Baby Mama