Giving up Sugar – and battling with my decision!

Oh, man, last week in my quest to quit sugar, I decided to start off slowly and cut out just sweets and chocolates.  Bread, biscuits, donuts, etc can come later.  So, I have not had one sweet or chocolate since last week (basically, the beginning of February).  And last week was okay – I felt strong.


This week has been a battle.  I have craved, completely craved chocolate.  I have managed to hold out and they do say I need to swap out the need for something sweet with something I can have, like an apple.  So, I have had more apples in the last week than in quite a while

But, the taste of chocolate – I am really battling this week.

I have had a few side effects though – a little anxiety, a little sleeplessness (could also be the heat), a little thirst…  But nothing too bad.  Oh, and headaches, and feeling a little faint and light-headed.

But, I have to persevere…  At the moment, I don’t have diabetes or any weight related problems, but if I keep on my current trajectory, then I will definitely develop all of these things (especially considering old age diabetes runs in the family).

Hubby and I have also given up having a glass of wine with dinner during the week (i.e. from Monday to Thursday), but allow ourselves to have a glass on a Friday, Saturday and Sunday.  I read that white wine (my favourite) has a much higher sugar content than red, and if I want to drink wine I need to opt for red.

So, this past week has been tough.

And on Sunday, my brother and his wife came to visit.  My brother has lost 12 kg’s since the beginning of the year.  I’ve been trying to lose weight for the last seven years.  The difference is though all he had to do was give up drinking coke (or any fizzy soft drink) and bread.  I don’t drink coke, and I don’t have sugar with my tea or coffee (he has THREE teaspoons of sugar with his tea).  So, I kinda feel cheated on – my one little enjoyment in life I have had to give up to make headway in the battle of the bulge.  Just doesn’t seem right somehow…  He is looking amazing though!  And I truly believe that any weight loss just helps keep your body healthy and strong.

After this, I hope to give up bread or biscuits!