I’m The Baby Mama.  I started my first blog, Baby Mama’s Blog because becoming a mother was the single most difficult thing I have ever done in my life.  I was tired.  I was confused.  I was anxious and having panic attacks on an almost daily basis.  But, more importantly, I wanted to capture every possible moment I could think of for this precious little soul who became my daughter in 2009.

Then, after getting the lay of the land so to speak in mothering, I had to figure out how to get my marriage back on track.  And so I started the Fragrance of Marriage blog.  And it has been my journey of self discovery in becoming the wife and mother that God has created me to be.  It has been hard, but it has been wonderful.

Today (29th September 2016) I read a blog from Chickedee Weight Loss that I really liked.  She speaks about doing a “toward” journey and recording those steps taken towards your goal.

Now, I have always had four prayers:

  1. That God would protect and nurture my marriage;
  2. That God would aid our financial situation and provide for us according to His glorious riches in Christ Jesus;
  3. That God would be with and guide our little girl that she will know that even though she is an only child, God is always with her and He will always love her and be with her;
  4. That God will help me to eat healthily, lose weight and exercise.

The rest is pretty much non-essentials to me but these four make up the pillar of who I am and where I want to be.

If I think of myself at the age of 70, I want my husband and I to still be married, but to be happily married and to enjoy our retirement years together.  I want us to be able to retire well, to be able to afford to travel and to cover any health costs that arise as we get older.  But, today, I would so dearly like to do up our house, and be able to afford clothes.  I want my daughter to live a well adjust life, marry well and be happy with who she is and her friends and the family she herself will have one day.  I want to be that granny who still does Park Run every Saturday and still goes out and lives a vibrant life.  I want to be the granny that the younger generations think is so cool, because I’m out and about and not just sitting at home the entire day watching TV.

So, this blog is about the steps I’m taking towards that life that I want:

  • In my marriage;
  • Financially;
  • Parenting
  • And my health and fitness.

Not sure how far I’ll get, but lets put one foot forward and keep on walking.