Just trust…

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We are headed for Cape Town next weekend and I am feeling a little nervous.  I always, ALWAYS get nervous before a trip, because I worry about my anxiety and eating.  There is no “just go” with me.  And today I was contemplating going back on Paxil for the trip, you know, to help me through my nervousness.  And as I was praying, I wanted to say, “God, it’s so difficult to know when to trustyou…”

And I stopped.

I couldn’t go on.

This voice inside of me said, “You trustme no matter what.”

Staying on or going off – you trustme.

Eating or not eating – you trustme.

I have a plan to work in your life, and it may mean baby steps for you, you may experience small or large setbacks here and there – but you just trustme.

And I was quiet.

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